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No matter which appliance or what brand we can fix your appliances! Call ARNI Appliance Repair and let our skilled appliance repair professionals handle the repair and provide a solution.

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Appliance Repair Company In Toronto & GTA

Our appliances are built to last…with a little help. Just because they’ve stopped working doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for an expensive replacement. All our technicians at ARNI Appliance Repair & Installation Services are well-versed in maintenance, repair, and installation for all sorts of appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, washers & dryers, ovens, cooktops, and ranges. We’ll diagnose your specific issue and if it’s at all possible, we’ll fix it up, so it runs good as new.

At ARNI Appliance Repair, we understand the importance of having functional appliances that are able to cater to your needs whenever you want them to. Call us for a quote for your appliance repair or installation. We know our jobs well, so we know what we need to get them done; no hidden fees. Just quick, convenient, and excellent service

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Contact our service representatives to schedule Appliance Repair & Installation. We are proud to serve the GTA area, including Toronto, York, Peel, Durham, and Halton.

Don’t let your appliance repair problems go unchecked, ARNI Services offers professional repair & installation at reasonable rates. Whether the refrigerator is freezing your food or the defrost drain is clogged, the dryer is not producing heat or leaking washer, dishwasher not draining water or oven cooks unevenly, our technicians can help fix your home appliances.

Schedule a service call to prevent your appliances to interfere with your daily routine and comfort. When you need emergency appliance repairs or installation, Contact ARNI Services

We Provide Appliance Repair Services For All Brands & Models

Our repair technicians service all major brands for home appliances.
Contact us and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help.
Appliance Repair & Installation

We fix Appliances and install them For All Brands & Models

We can fix all brands of home appliances
Contact us and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help.





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Refrigerator Repair
It’s necessary to keep your fridge and freezer in good working order because they’re such an essential part of every modern home. Is your refrigerator running? No? We can fix that. Our specialist fridge repair technicians are qualified to service all major brands of refrigerators and freezers, including GE, KitchenAid, LG, Whirlpool, and many others. We repair any kind of refrigerators: top freezer, bottom freezer, side-by-side, or built-in. Whether your fridge isn’t staying cool, your ice maker isn’t making any ice, it’s making too much ice, or your doors and drawers just need some work, we can take care of it. When it comes to deciding whether or not it’s time to replace or fix your refrigerator, the knowledgeable experts at ARNI Services appliance repair will always advise on the best solution. ARNI Services Appliance Repair are here to help and make your life a whole lot easier, contact us for your refrigerator repair.
Does your washing machine stop mid-cycle? Is it making strange sounds or vibrations? These are just a couple of the most common washing machine problems that ARNI’s technicians solve on a daily basis.
Don’t be so quick to go out and buy a new washer if your old one causes you trouble. We’ve worked with all sorts of washers, with all sorts of issues—leaks, draining problems, clogged detergent dispensers, or baskets not spinning. Our experienced appliances repair technicians are expertly trained in diagnosing and repairing washer-dryer combinations, top loader washers, front loader washers, and washer/dryer sets. We’ll have your machines working again before the laundry has time to pile up. Call us in for your washer repair to have a look; you could end up saving a lot of money.
Refrigerator Repair
Dryer Repair
Dryer repair services from highly trained experts.
Dryers, without a doubt, are an extremely useful and time-saving household appliance. The majority of homeowners rely on their dryer to run efficiently and effectively. It can be very stressful when a problem comes. Dryers can break down in a number of ways. It might not turn on. Maybe there’s heat, but clothes are not getting dry. Sometimes, there’s no heat. Occasionally, dryers put out too much heat. In that case, it won’t just ruin your clothes; it could easily start a fire .If your dryer isn’t working properly, you can end up wasting more money simply by running it instead of repairing and using properly functioning clothes dryer. Don’t leave your dryer to get worse. Our technicians are equipped with the skills, equipment, and services to fix any issue you might be having with your dryer. If you’re having trouble with your dryer, give us a call and one of our experts will be there in no time to assist you.

Are you seeking for a dryer repair business that has all it takes to fix any brand or problem with your dryer?
The following are some of the most typical dryer repair issues we see on a regular basis:

  • Dryer is making really loud noise.
  • Dryer does not start.
  • Dryer does not heat.
  • Clothes take too long to dry.
  • Dryer stops before end of the cycle.

We always try our best to fix your appliance as soon as possible. We can repair any make, model or age of Dryer including Samsung, LG, Whirlpool and Bosch.
Reliable repairs anytime you need them.
We make the procedure simple. Our experienced specialists use advanced tools allowing them to quickly purchase and deliver the parts you need for your dryer. In certain cases, repairs can be accomplished in only one visit.

To make an appointment for your dryer repair, call  647-938-9935 or book online right now.

You never realize just how awesome your dishwasher is until it breaks, and you have to do all your dishes by hand.
Rather than wasting hours washing all the plates and cutlery in the sink, we all prefer having a dishwasher at home. Dishwasher is a relief for many when they have a busy day.
But you don’t just have to worry about pruney fingers and a loss of free time; What to do when you dishwasher is broken? a malfunctioning dishwasher left alone, could cause really costly leaks.
Why stress over it? Let one of our skilled professionals fix it up.
Contact us to arrange a service if you have issues with your dishwasher. Our technicians will come for a visit at a time that suits you best and might even be able to come with the required parts to repair your dishwasher and on their first visit they will be able to solve the issue.
Our technicians have the expertise and experience required to diagnose and fix all broken dishwasher problems on site at your premises quickly, such as:
Dishwasher not draining or will not fill with water , dishwasher not starting, noisy or leaking dishwasher, failure of the door lock unit, dishwasher will not dispense detergent, dishes will not dry/clean properly.
Our appliance repair company in Greater Toronto Area specializes in the repair of major home appliances. We also offer dishwasher installations in addition to repairs . We are proud of our professional dishwasher repair service that we provide home and business owners with. Our professional technicians in dishwasher repair are known for their speedy response and job quality.

Dishwasher Repair
Oven Repair
A faulty oven is one of the most inconvenient issues you can experience in your kitchen. Don’t hesitate to call us and get it fixed. We work with electric and gas stoves and ovens, as well as free-standing ranges. Broken baking, or broiling elements; or maybe broken control, it could be that the range burner won’t heat. The stove might be broken, it may not heat to the correct temperature, or the oven will not heat at all. Get in touch with ARNI Services if this has happened to you and you live in the Great Toronto Area. We have a team of technicians who specialize in ovens, stoves and ranges repair.
Broken cooktop causing kitchen chaos? Here’s a little secret (appliance dealers hate us!): your cooktop can almost always be fixed. It just requires the right tools and knowledge, and maybe a few new parts. Our technicians have seen all sorts of cooktop problems and can help you identify and fix your cooktop, quick and easy.
Cooktop Repair
Microwave Repair
Looking for a technician to fix your microwave? ARNI Services is the best appliance repair business of your choosing. We know how much of an inconvenience your microwave breaking down can be. A fast and reliable service is provided by our local repair team. Our microwave engineers are fully trained and insured , ensuring that all our repairs are of the highest standard and fully guaranteed. Arrange a repair with ARNI Services – Appliance Repair Company today.
A modern house is equipped with different appliances for households that create comfort. However, not always those appliances are easy to install. While one appliance only needs to be plugged in, others require special training. Need some help setting up your new appliance? Call one of our experienced technicians to come and install it. We’ll install your appliance securely and safely, and make sure it’s set up to do everything it says on the box.
Appliance Installation
Appliance Repair

If you have problem with your appliances and they stopped functioning the way they used to Call ARNI Appliance Repair, Contact Us and our skilled technicians will be there to help.

ARNI offers the best, most convenient appliance repair and installation services in the Greater Toronto Area

Eventually, our appliances break down. It’s bound to happen, but it does not mean we can’t get any more life out of them. With the right knowledge, a bit of elbow grease, and maybe a new part or two, you can significantly extend the life of your appliances. But who will do the work? Avoid the hassles and headaches and call someone you can trust.

We’re proud to offer easy and convenient scheduling. We have busy lives, too. We know what it’s like to wait around all day for an appliance technician to come and fix your washer, dryer or fridge, or install your dishwasher or oven, and we’re committed to giving our own customers better service than that. We’ll find a time that works with your schedule, and we’ll only stay as long as it takes to make sure your appliance won’t give you any more trouble.

Competitive prices, and no surprise costs

ARNI’s appliance  technicians all have years in the business, and they’ve worked with any brand you can think of — plus some you can’t. Whichever brand, whatever the issue, a team member can diagnose the issue and work out the best solution for you.

We have the utmost confidence in our work and our licensed technicians. We’ve yet to come across a job our team couldn’t handle, but all our work is insured, for your peace of mind and ours.

90-Day parts & labour warranty

We don’t stop by once, apply a band-aid solution, then leave our clients high and dry. We’re confident about the work we do, but we offer a free service call with all repairs and a 90-day warranty on parts and labour done by ARNI Services technicians.

Our experts are trained and equipped to diagnose and repair any common appliances failures you may have and more. Our technicians solve appliance problems on a daily basis , don’t hesitate to contact ARNI Services to ensure your appliances are operating efficiently, you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. 

ARNI's appliance repair technicians ready to meet you where you are, anywhere in the GTA, on your schedule.

We provide appliance repair and installation services for all electric and gas appliances including; washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, cooktops, fridges & freezers, dryers, microwaves and washers, to name a few. Our appliance repair service technicians work around most of the GTA covering Toronto, Vaughan, Oakville, Markham, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Burlington and more!

Not sure whether you should repair or replace your appliances? Not matter the age of your appliance it can be repaired and we will fix it!
Our specialists make their best effort to complete the repair same day; we offer a FREE SERVICE CALL with ANY COMPLETED REPAIR!

ARNI was created from the need for reliable and professional appliances repair services and is exactly what ARNI stands for Appliance Repair and Installation Services. 
When your appliances aren’t working, you need them to be repaired and working reliably we are happy to come on location and make the necessary repairs.

Leave Your Appliance Repair to Professionals

Small water leak may seem like something worth putting off for another day, but it’s important to take action as soon as you see signs of leakage. Under the appliance, you can see only small puddle, or feel moisture on a carpet, but under the surface, rotting wood and mold can grow out of control. So it would be best to take action with your leaking dishwasher, washer or refrigerator as soon you notice leakage signs.

Regular maintenance and appliances service help keep your household appliances running efficiently and effectively

Because it is illegal to work as a gas technician in Ontario without the required training and licensing, you should always ask your technician to show you his valid license before performing any gas repair or installations. Safety issue is very important when dealing with gas appliances repair and installation.

No matter what appliance problem you have, it’s always highly recommended to ask for the assistance of a professional appliance repair technician. Knowing that your noisy dryer or frozen refrigerator will be fixed promptly and that your kitchen & laundry appliances will be installed, repaired and maintained correctly.

So often an amateur repair or installation leads to a professional having to come in and correct the wrong job or no job at all. Once you work with the best you can be assured in best results.

Contact ARNI Services and one of our skilled and experienced technicians will visit your home for your new kitchen and washer and dryer appliance installation. It takes only few seconds.

We are dedicated to provide professional repair & installation services for appliances in your home or commercial buildings.
We love and we believe in what we do. Our professional technicians will be happy to visit your home or business to fix anything
from warm refrigerator to dishwasher leakage or install your brand new appliances, we handle it all.

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Still curious about our services? Maybe you have an appliance that needs to be fixed ? Get in touch; we’d love to talk about how we can help you out.

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appliance repair
appliance repair
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