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appliance repair


Appliance Repair & Installation Services

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ARNI Appliance Repair HomeStars

LG Appliance Repairs

Not sure whether you should repair your LG appliance or replace it? 
Not matter the age of your appliances they can be repaired and we will fix them!

Why don’t you save yourself the worry and call on the expertise of our technicians to fix your LG appliances?

Why choose ARNI as your Appliance Repair Company To Fix Your LG Appliances?

Appliance Repair is ARNI’s middle name. We service and repair all appliances brand and models including LG Appliances. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable to handle any problem your appliance might be having.

With ARNI your receive a warranty after each appliance repair, we stand behind our service.

Our technicians will let you know if it’s even financially worth having your appliance fixed and if it’s at all possible, we’ll fix it up, so it runs good as new.

If you’re ready to save time and money, we’re ready to help with appliance repair matters whether it is your fridge that is not cooling, the washer is not spinning or leaking dishwasher we will fix it, just give us a call.

Call us for a quote. We know our jobs well, so we know what we need to get  the job done; no hidden fees. 


Just Quick Convenient Excellent Service

Call today to request A Service from our technicians FOR YOUR LG APPLIANCES.

Common LG Appliances Error Codes

Most Common Error Code For LG Appliance Repairs

Error codes are just a way of saying something is not normal with your appliance function. Error code explanations can help you diagnose a problem with your LG Appliances

Error Code
Er FS Freezer sensor error
Er rS Refrigerator sensor error
F dS Freezer defrost sensor error
r dS Refrigerator defrost sensor error
Er HS Humidity sensor error
Er IS Ice maker sensor error
Er SS Pantry sensor error
Er rt Room temperature sensor error
Er It System error inside ice maker
Er gF Flow meter error
F dH,r dH Defrost sensor error
Er IF Ice compartment fan error
Er FF Evaporator fan error
Er CF Condenser fan motor error
Er CO Communication error
Error Code
IE Water filling error
OE Drain error
AE , E1 Water leak detected
FE Water overflow error
tE Temperature sensor error
LE Circulation pump motor error
HE Heater error
nE Diverter motor error
Error Code
IE Inlet water supply error
OE Slow Drain
FE Water overflow error
PE Water level sensor error
dE Open door error
dE1 , dE2 Drawer is not closed properly
dE3 Close lid error
dL Lid lock error
tE (Front Load Washer) Heating sensor error
tE (Pedestal Washer Error) Electronic control board error
tE (Top Load Washer) Thermistor error
UE,uE Unbalanced load or too small
LE Locked drive motor error
EE main electronic control board error
E7 Stacking switch error
E6 Clutch error
PF Power failure
t cL Time to run “Tub Clean” cycle
Error Code
tE1,tE2 Thermistor error
dE Door switch error
tE3 Heater thermistor error
tE4 Steam generator thermistor error
tE5 Compressor inlet thermistor error
EE Main control board error
Add Water Steam feeder is dry
PS Power supply error
tE6 Compressor outlet thermistor error
tE7 Evaporator inlet thermistor error
E13 Drain pump error
F0 Lint filter error

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appliance repair
appliance repair
appliance repair
appliance repair