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North York Appliance Repair & Installation Services

We Fix & Install Appliances In North York

Not sure whether you should repair your appliances or replace them?
No matter the age of your appliance it can be repaired and we will fix it!

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  • North York Refrigerator Installation
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  • North York Gas Range Installation

You need your appliances to be installed, serviced or repaired?

ARNI Appliance Repair & Installation Services in North York, we provide on-site home appliance repair services.

Appliance Repair is ARNI’s middle name. We service and repair all appliances brands and models in the North York area. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable to handle any problem your appliance might be having.

Appliance Repair Services North York

Just Quick Convenient Excellent Service

Why choose ARNI as your Appliance Repair Company?

With ARNI your receive a warranty after each appliance repair, we stand behind our service. Our technicians will let you know if it’s even financially worth having your appliance fixed and if it’s at all possible, we’ll fix it up, so it runs well as new. If you’re ready to save time and money, we’re ready to help with appliance repair matters whether it is your fridge that is not cooling, the washer is not spinning or the dishwasher is leaking we will fix it, just give us a call.
  • Our experts provide prompt assistance beginning with an appliance inspection and assessment of the required repairs.
  • Our experts rectify the damages to make the appliance work
  • We repair the parts that can be repaired and if any part requires replacement, we replace them with quality spare parts.
  • Warranty is a benefit to our customers.
  • Perform checks after a repair
Your one-stop solution for whatever repairs your household appliances could need is ARNI Services. We offer prompt, quality services at competitive prices. We also assist with the appliance’s correct installation and maintenance.

Call us for a quote. We know our jobs well, so we know what we need to get  the job done; no hidden fees. 


We Service All Brands & Models

We service all major brands for home appliance repair.
Contact us and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help.

Samsung Appliance Repair
Amana Appliance Repair
miele repair
LG Appliance Repair
Kenmore Appliance Repair
frigidaire Appliance repair
Thermador Appliance repair
Fisher & Paykel Appliance Repair
Appliance Repair & Installation

We Service All Brands & Models

We service all major brands for home appliance repair.
Contact us and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help.





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Why don’t you save yourself the worry and call on the expertise of our technicians in North York to fix your appliances ?

We Service All Refrigerator Brands & Models In North York

Refrigerator Repair
Dishwasher Repair

We Service All Dishwasher Brands & Models In North York

We Service All Dryer Brands and Models In North York

Dryer Repair
Washer Repair

We Service All Washer Brands and Models In North York

We Service All Cooktop Brands and Models In North York

Cooktop Repair
Oven Repair

We Service All Oven & Range Brands & Models In North York

We Service All Microwaves Brands & Models In North York

Microwave Repair
Appliance Installation Services

We install dishwashers, washers, dryers, cooktops, ovens, ranges, microwaves and refrigerators in North York

Get reliable repairs whenever you need them

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Trust our technicians.

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ARNI - Appliance Repair In North York

Home appliances need regular maintenance to ensure they last longer, from washing machine breakdowns and dryer repairs to fridge and dishwasher disasters. When homeowners neglect to follow the user manuals that come with every home appliance they own, they can find themselves requiring frequent repairs and shortening the life of their home appliances. 

Dishwashers are designed to be installed into your kitchen and provide easy life and efficiency. We use the dishwasher to  clean our dirty plates and glasses while we go on with other chores we have or just relax and sit back. But like any other appliance, dishwashers aren’t perfect, you might end up with some weird smells. Or worse… a leaking, watery mess.   If your dishwasher is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In North York for service, so we can get your dishwasher back in working order again.

  • Why is my dishwasher not drying my dishes? Dishwashers are designed to use a liquid rinse aid, this should be first thing to check if there is no low rinse in your dishwasher. Check your product manual to make sure you’re activating the drying option properly. The heating element might be broken.
  • Why does my dishwasher smell?  Dishwasher smells are generally caused by an accumulation of trapped food. If your dishwasher smells very musty or damp you might have a problem with clogged drain or hose.
  • Why is my dishwasher not cleaning my dishes properly? One of the most common problems is the dishwasher failing to do exactly what it’s meant to do — clean the dishes. Make sure the dishes aren’t touching and have enough space between each other for water and soap to pass through. Float switch or spray arm, might also be defective.

Need dishwasher repair or installation in North York? Our technicians will get the job done they provide solution to all dishwasher makes and models. Contact Us Today.

If your dishwasher is not turning on, leaking, not draining or simply not washing give ARNI – Appliance repair North York a call, we repair and service all dishwasher brands and models in North York, we will get your dishwasher fixed and you will be able to get back to your regular routine while the dishwasher is working.

Washing machines comes in all shapes and sizes but it is basically a big tub that fills with water and then spins and drains , and has a device for mixing the contents up—either an agitator a rolling drum. If your washing machine is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In North York for service, so we can get your washer back in working order again.

  • Why is water not draining from my washing machine? A washing machine not draining is one of the most common problems. This usually means there’s a blockage in the drainage filter, or the pump itself has failed.
  • Why is my washing machine making strange sounds or vibrations? Your washer might be unbalanced.Washing too many clothes in a load can exceed the maximum load weight and cause the washer to go off-balance.  Check your owners manual for load size recommendations. It’s loud, it’s dangerous, and it’s probably damaging the machine every time it happens. You washer tub bearings may have been water damaged as well and might need to be replaced.
  • Why is my washer smells? Washing machines get dirty and moldy over time. Try running a hot empty wash and clean out the soap dispenser. Always leave the machine open for a few minutes after you’ve removed the clothes. Your washer’s door gasket, door seal or bellow might need to replaced.
Washing machine leaks? Washing machine won’t drain? Washer has no power?
Need washer repair or installation in North York? Our technicians will get the job done they provide solution to all washer makes and models. Contact Us Today.

Refrigerator is the most hard working home appliance that is operating around the clock to keep your food fresh. Refrigerator can develop problems due to the intensive use and wear and tear. If your refrigerator or freezer  is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In North York for service, so we can get your fridge & freezer back in working order again.

  • Why is my refrigerator freezing my food? If you notice that your refrigerator is freezing your food, it is most likely a problem with the temperature control thermostat. If the thermostat stopped from functioning properly it might cause the refrigerator system to run longer than necessary, causing the fridge to be too cold.
  • Why is my refrigerator or the freezer is not cooling properly? We usually complain that our refrigerator is not cooling or fridge is not working properly and food is getting spoiled. This is a common refrigerator failure. The problem might be related to the condenser coils or the thermostat, cooling fan, door seal and more.
  • Why is there water leaking from my refrigerator? When a refrigerator is leaking water, it needs to be addressed immediately. Water either leaks out at the bottom of refrigerator or collects in the vegetable drawers. Blocked defrost drain is one of the most common causes of water leakage. It might be clogged or frozen water supply line. If you cannot solve the problem disconnect water supply to stop the leak until the technician arrives to diagnose the issue.

Need refrigerator repair or installation in North York? Our technicians will get the job done they provide solution to all fridges & freezers makes and models. Contact Us Today.

You always want your range and cooktop to work when you need them to. When they don’t, there can be a problem to  finish your cooking tasks. If your cooktop  is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In North York for service, so we can get your cooktop back in working order again.

  • I accidentally cracked my cooktop what should I do? You can not use a cracked cooktop since it is dangerous, while cooking water can drip into the crack and cause a electrical hazard. The only way to be sure the cooktop is safe is to replace it or to replace the glass. 
  • Why is my electric cooktop not turning on?  You can’t cook with an appliance that doesn’t operate, and if your electric cooktop won’t turn on first you should check if the breaker is on. If you have a touch-pad on the cooktop then the touch-pad or the interface user might be the issue.
  • Why is there burning smell coming out of my cooktop or creating sparks when turned on? Should you notice sparks coming from your electric unit or burning smell, you definitely need to make some repairs. If your electric cooktop produces sparks, there may be damage to its heating element or switch regulator. There may also be loose wire connections around the electric coil burners that are causing sparks. These sparks are very dangerous, as they are a potential source of fatal electric shock. You should always seek out a professional cooktop or range repair expert to resolve this issue quickly.
Need cooktop or range repair or installation in North York? Our technicians will get the job done they provide solution to all cooktop and range makes and models. Contact Us Today.

Tired of eating burned food? ARNI Appliance Repair will assist you in fixing your broken oven.

Your oven is a key appliance in your kitchen so it’s important that it functions properly. If your oven is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In North York for service, so we can get your oven back in working order again.

  • Why is my oven completely shuts off (no-power) after self clean? self-cleaning ovens have an automatic cycle that locks the oven door, then heats the oven to very high temperature to burn the grease and dirt inside. The oven then automatically shuts off. When the oven has cooled to a safe temperature, door lock is released. Following the self clean cycle there is possibility that the thermal fuse will  blew and will shut off power to the stove.
  • Why is my oven showing wrong temperature? A common oven problem is the oven not  getting to the correct temperature you have set it too. The oven control board is common issue for the oven temperature not regulate or a wiring harness issues, a defective igniter can cause this problem as well if this is a gas oven.
  • Why is my oven door not closing properly? if your oven door doesn’t close tightly, the stove might not work at all, or not cook properly, since heat may escape. Try checking if the seals are clean. If it is clean you might need to replace the seal of your oven door because it is old or damaged. Broken hinges can be the cause of the door not properly closing as well.
Need oven repair or installation in North York?
– Electric ovens
– Gas ovens
– Wall ovens
– Range ovens
– Double wall ovens
Our technicians will get the job done they provide solution to all oven makes and models. Contact Us Today. Our Gas technicians are fully licensed and insured.

Dryers are very essential appliances for our home because really who has time for hanging clothes out to dry anymore? After the use for several years they start malfunctioning due to some minor problems and they need to fixed. If your dryer is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In North York for service, so we can get your dryer back in working order again.

  • Why is the drum of my clothes dryer not spinning? If you start a cycle and hear the motor hum but the drum remains still, you’ve got a serious problem. This issue might be caused by a broken belt, bad roller or even motor or idler problems.
  • Why is it taking too long to dry clothes? Possible cause is clogged duct vent , you need to get your dryers vent cleaned. Or may be your heating element isn’t working properly which is causing the dryer not to get hot enough to dry the clothes,  even
    though the drum still spins and the cycle will complete.
  • Why is my dryer making loud noise while spinning? Check for small items caught in the dryer drum. Coins, buttons, or paper clips. Another possible cause of this noise is a worn out or damaged blower wheel or dryer drum seal.
  • Do I need to maintain my dryer? Yes every dryer require service to remove lint and prevent fire hazard.

When the dryer begins to make really loud noises, it must be repaired. This might indicate that the dryer’s belt is worn out and needs to be replaced. Appliances usually show signs of breaking down ahead of time, and if you don’t give it enough warning, it may become hard to fix, forcing you to buy a new one. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your dryer, call ARNI Services and our appliance repair  technicians will  diagnose  and fix it .
Need dryer repair or installation in North York? Our technicians will get the job done, they provide solution to all dryer makes and models. Contact Us Today.

Microwaves are wonderful inventions and the quick push of a button has eased cooking and heating of many foods. Although microwaves do not seem to bee not too complicated they tend to break just like other appliances.

  • Why is my microwave plate not spinning? If the plate is not spinning correctly there might be problem with motor or microwave’s control board.
  • Why is my microwave not heating food? If your microwave is not heating the food most common issue is that the magnetron need to be replaced or the broken parts might be the switch or high voltage transformer. There might be other issues as well, trained and professional technician will be able to diagnose and identify the problem.
  • My microwave starts and and stops, what can be the problem? When your microwave works when you first set it, but stops working quickly after a few seconds, there  might be issue with door seal.

All our repair technicians are fully trained and experienced in providing microwave repairs in North York. There is no better way to repair appliances problems than with technicians from ARNI Services team. Contact us for service request.

We value your time, so we always aim to fix your household appliances during the first visit.  Unfortunately, in the case of complicated repair or when the technician does not have the spare parts with him or the part needs to be ordered, we will arrange another visit for the technician to come back and complete your appliance repair.

Why ARNI Services Is The Best Appliance Repair Company For You?

Avoid the hassles and headaches and call someone you can trust.

Quality appliance repair

Our goal is to deliver excellent service to all of our clients in a single visit. We repair and service most high-end residential appliances,   We provide a service level that our clients are happy to recommend to their friends.


We guarantee our services and have a proven track record of fixing repairs. Our repairs are guaranteed to be reliable. If they don't, we'll come out again. We have 90 day warranty for our repairs, parts & labour.

Service North York area

We service North York and GTA area. Our technicians are equipped to handle your appliance repairs, for large and small jobs. Your appliances are in good hands with our specialists.

Award winning

We work hard to deliver quality appliance repairs and services. We are proud that our efforts have received the recognition they have, and the reputation that we've built for ourselves.

Continuous training

Our appliances improve as technology advances, making them increasingly difficult to identify and fix. To keep on top of the newest advancements in the appliance sector, our experts attend continued training.

Insured technicians

Our fully insured team is qualified to repair and service your home appliances. We can solve any problem you are having with your appliances. WSIB Insured.

Call ARNI today to schedule your appointment for North York Appliance Repair with our experts!

Appliance Repair Tips

You need to clean refrigerator/condenser freezer’s coils every six months. If the condenser coils are not cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions, not only will the temperatures begin to rise, but the compressor’s life will be reduced, resulting in a costly repair

It’s possible you’re using more detergent than is required for the load size you’re washing. Make sure you’re using the right amount of detergent.

The grease and food that is being burned off in your oven is causing the smell.

There’s no reason you can’t install your dishwasher by yourself as long as you’ve taken the proper measurements and your new dishwasher fits in the area beneath your countertop. Following the owner’s manual or the installation instructions that came with the appliance is always advised because dishwashers can vary from model to model.
Even while many DIY projects around the house are okay, it is sometimes advisable to call a professional to ensure installation success.

We Provide Appliance Repair Services In All Areas

If your are concerned with your appliances performance, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at ARNI Services, North York Appliance Repairs for a full diagnose and repair service.

If your are concerned with your appliances performance, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at ARNI Services, North York Appliance Repair for a full diagnose and repair service – you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. 

We Accept Interac, debit, cash and all major credit cards

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