Custom Panel Installation Service

Need specialists for custom panel installation in your kitchen? Let our friendly team manage the complex job with our professional installation service!

Custom Panel Installation Services for Your Home

Make your kitchen look better with our professional custom panel installation! Our team excels in fitting your panels smoothly and efficiently. We handle everything – from the initial setup to the final touches. Ideal for new homes or renovating your kitchen. Rely on us for a hassle-free and high-quality installation, tailored perfectly to your kitchen’s design.

What is Custom Panel Installation?

Custom panel installation is the process of attaching a decorative panel you provide to a special type of appliance called a “panel-ready” appliance. These appliances are typically designed to hide their original exterior (usually stainless steel) and seamlessly blend in with your surrounding cabinetry.

The custom panel itself can be made from various materials like wood, metal, or laminate, and should ideally match the style and finish of your kitchen cabinets. This creates a uniform, built-in look for your appliances, enhancing your kitchen’s overall design aesthetic.

Custom Panel Benefits: Enhancing Your Kitchen's Look and Feel

Custom panels make your kitchen look great. They help your appliances blend in with the rest of the kitchen, so everything looks connected and nice. You can pick what they’re made of and how they look to match your kitchen’s style and colors. You can use different materials like wood, metal, or glass to get the look you want. Even though these panels make things look better, they don’t stop your appliances from working well. You can still use them just like before, without any trouble.

Where to Use Custom Panels:

Transforming Appliances into Kitchen Decor

Fridges and Freezers: Often used here, these big appliances can match your cabinets. This makes your kitchen seem bigger and everything looks the same.

Dishwashers: Custom panels can cover the dishwasher completely, so it looks just like the other cabinets when shut.

Wine Coolers: If you want your wine cooler to blend in with your kitchen or bar area, custom panels can make that happen.

Undercounter Fridges and Ice Makers: Custom panels make these small appliances blend into your kitchen island or counter, keeping everything looking neat

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Our Custom Installation Services

Looking for custom panel installation for your kitchen appliances? You’re in the right place! We specialize in the easy and professional installation of custom panels. Whether it’s for your fridge, freezer, dishwasher, or any other appliance that needs a seamless look with your cabinetry, we have the expertise.

We make adding custom panels to your appliances straightforward. Our team is trained to handle installations for various appliances, ensuring that your fridge, freezer, or other appliances blend perfectly with your kitchen’s design. We understand every kitchen has unique requirements, so we provide tailored solutions for custom panel installations.

Our service is friendly, reliable, and always professional. Just a call away, we’re ready to meet your custom panel installation needs. Trust us to do the job correctly, ensuring your appliances not only look integrated but also function flawlessly.

Choose us for professional custom panel installation. We’re here to simplify your kitchen upgrade and enhance its efficiency. Let’s transform your kitchen appliances with custom panels today!

Things to Think About for Custom Panels:

Matching: Not every appliance can work with custom panels. You need to pick appliances that are made for panels on purpose.

Weight and Fit: The panel’s weight and how big it is needs to match what the appliance can handle. This makes sure it works right and doesn’t get broken.

Getting it Put in: Some people might try to install it themselves, but it’s usually best to have a pro do it. This helps make sure the panel fits right and doesn’t mess up how the appliance works or its guarantee.

What to Expect on Installation Day: Local custom panel installers

On the day your new panels are set to be installed, here’s what you can look forward to with our professional service:


  • Clear the Appliance Area: Before your appointment, move any surrounding items or clutter from the area around the appliance where the custom panel will be installed. This ensures the technician has ample space to work efficiently.
  • Prepare the Panel: Make sure your custom panel is on-site and in perfect condition. Importantly, handles on the panel should be installed before attaching the panel to the appliance. Double-check that handles are ready and on-site.

The Installation Process:

  • Arrival and Review: The technician will arrive at the scheduled time and review the project details with you. They will confirm the panel you’ve provided and discuss any questions you may have.
  • Appliance Assessment: The technician will carefully assess the appliance to ensure proper compatibility with the custom panel.
  • Panel Preparation: They may make any minor adjustments to the panel for a perfect fit, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Appliance Disconnection (if necessary): If you haven’t already disconnected the appliance, the technician will safely do so at this stage.
  • Panel Installation: The technician will meticulously attach the custom panel to the appliance, ensuring a secure and level fit.
  • Connection and Testing: Once the panel is secured, they will reconnect the appliance to its power source and water supply (if applicable). They will then thoroughly test the appliance functionality to ensure everything is working perfectly.
  • Clean-Up and Final Touches: The technician will clean up any debris from the installation process and ensure the work area is left tidy. They will walk you through the final product and answer any questions you may have about operating the appliance with the custom panel.

Additional Notes:

The installation time can vary depending on the complexity of the appliance and the custom panel itself. However, the technician will provide an estimated timeframe beforehand.

Feel free to ask questions throughout the process.

Our experienced technicians prioritize a safe and efficient installation, ensuring your new custom panel looks flawless and functions perfectly.

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Why Choose ARNI Services for Your Panel Installation?

Looking to setup new panel in your kitchen? Choose ARNI Services! Here’s why we are the top choice for installing appliances in your area:

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Local Experts

Choose us, your local installation specialists, for services that understand and meet your community’s unique needs. Quick, reliable, and right around the corner – we’re here to make your appliances setup seamless and stress-free.

Fast and Efficient

Rely on us for quick and efficient panel installations. We ensure a quick, hassle-free process, getting your appliance up and running in no time. Trust in our speedy service for a seamless and effective setup.

Top-Quality Appliance Installation

Let our experienced team handle your custom panel setup. We do it quickly and carefully, making sure your appliances and panel fits just right in your kitchen and works perfectly. We’re here to help with any kind of installations, in any kitchen.

Don’t stress over custom kitchen challenges. Reach out to ARNI Services, your local specialists in custom kitchen panel installation, and get your appliance perfectly installed and operational today!

FAQ: Questions About Our Custom Panel Installation Services

What appliances can you install custom panels on?
We install custom panels on a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, wine coolers, and undercounter refrigerators and ice makers. If you have a specific appliance in mind, just ask!

The appliance needs to be “panel-ready.” This means it’s designed to accommodate a custom panel. Check your appliance’s specifications.

Yes, you’ll need to provide the custom panel. This ensures the panel matches your kitchen’s design perfectly. We take care of the precise installation.

Installation times vary depending on the appliance and setup requirements. However, we strive to complete installations efficiently without compromising on quality. We’ll give you an estimated time frame when you book your service.

Please ensure that the area where the panel will be installed is clear and accessible. Also, have your custom panel ready and near the installation site. Handles also need to be present. Check the panel for any damage beforehand to avoid delays.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help make your custom panel installation as smooth and straightforward as possible!

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