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Etobicoke Appliance Repair & Installation Services

We Fix & Install Appliances In Etobicoke

Ever find yourself wondering whether it’s worth fixing your appliances or if it’s time for a replacement? Well, worry not! Regardless of how old your appliance is, we’re here to repair and breathe new life into it.

Our friendly and skilled technicians in Etobicoke are dedicated to providing the best Appliance Repair service, ensuring your appliances stay reliable and functional for years to come

Where Repairs Are Beyond Ordinary!

Trust our experts to fix your appliances in Etobicoke

For efficient and reliable appliances repair in Etobicoke, count on our expert team to promptly resolve any issues. Our dedicated technicians specialize in a variety of appliances, ensuring high-quality service. We fix all appliances, so choose us for solutions that will get your appliances back in working order promptly.

fridge repair services

Refrigerator Repair

dishwasher repair services

Dishwasher Repair

oven repair services

Oven Repair

range repair services

Range Repair

cooktop repair services

Cooktop Repair

dryer repair services

Dryer Repair

washer repair services

Washer Repair

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Microwave Repair

appliance installation services, appliances include fridge, washer and dryer, oven and dishwasher

Appliance Installation

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Gas Appliance Repair

Best Choice When It Comes to Home Appliance Repair in Etobicoke 

If your home major appliances break down or require an installation, ARNI Services is the right option. We fix dishwashers, washers, dryers, refrigerators,  ovens & cooktops, and  microwaves , we can also install them. 

With a team of highly trained and certified technicians, we are equipped to handle any appliance issue with efficiency and expertise. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, transparent pricing, and fast response times sets us apart from the rest. Choose ARNI Services for your appliance repair needs, and experience the difference in quality service.

We Fix Every Brand and Model!

Our company takes great pride in providing repair services for all of the major brands of home appliances. We understand how important your appliances are to you, which is why we have a team of highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians who are trained to service a wide range of appliances. Whether you need help with your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or any other major appliance, our team is here to help. 

Why don’t you save yourself the worry and call on the expertise of our technicians in Etobicoke to fix your appliances?


You need your appliances to be installed, serviced or repaired?

ARNI Appliance Repair & Installation Services in Etobicoke, we provide on-site home appliance repair services.

Appliance Repair is ARNI’s middle name. We service and repair all appliances brands and models in the Etobicoke area. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable to handle any problem your appliance might be having.

appliance repair services

Just Quick Convenient Excellent Service

What makes ARNI the ideal choice for your Appliance Repair needs?

In terms of repairing appliances in Etobicoke, residents understand the importance of finding a reliable and efficient service provider. Whether you’re facing issues with your dishwasher, dryer, washer, fridge, microwave, or oven, both gas and electric, ARNI Services stands out as the premier choice for appliance repair and installation in Etobicoke. With a strong track record of excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ARNI Services is the go-to company for all your appliance needs in the area.

We offer a warranty with every appliance repair to guarantee our commitment to quality service. Our skilled technicians will assess if it is worth repairing your appliance, and if possible, repair it to its original working condition.

If you’re looking to save both time and money, we’re here to assist you with any appliance repair issues you may have, from a malfunctioning refrigerator to a leaky dishwasher or a washing machine that won’t spin. Simply give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Our experts provide prompt assistance beginning with an appliance inspection and assessment of the required repairs.
  • Our experts rectify the damages to make the appliance work
  • We repair the parts that can be repaired and if any part requires replacement, we replace them with quality spare parts.
  • Warranty is a benefit to our customers.
  • Perform checks after a repair

At ARNI Services, we provide comprehensive solutions for all your household appliance repair needs. Our services are prompt, high-quality, and competitively priced. Additionally, we can help you with the correct installation and maintenance of your appliances to ensure their longevity and optimum performance.

Call us for a quote. We know our job well, so we know what we need to get the job done; no hidden fees.

Kitchen appliances

ARNI Services Is Your Top Choice for Appliance Repair in Etobicoke

When it concerns appliance repair in Etobicoke, finding a reliable and experienced company is essential. With a wide range of appliances in our homes, such as dishwashers, dryers, washers, fridges, microwaves, and ovens, it’s inevitable that they may require maintenance or repairs at some point. That’s where ARNI Services comes in. As the leading appliance repair company in Etobicoke, ARNI Services offers exceptional service for all your appliance needs. Whether you need repairs or installations, their team of skilled technicians is equipped to handle it all.

Comprehensive Appliance Repair Services:

At ARNI Services, they understand the inconvenience and frustration that can arise when your appliances break down. That’s why they specialize in providing reliable and efficient appliance repair services. No matter the brand or model, their technicians are well-trained and experienced in repairing a wide range of appliances, including washers, dryers, ovens (both gas and electric), fridges, microwaves, and more.

Appliance Installation in Etobicoke:

In addition to repair services, ARNI Services also provides professional appliance installation in Etobicoke. Whether you’ve purchased a new washer, dryer, fridge, or any other appliance, their technicians can ensure proper installation, following manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols. With their attention to detail, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new appliance is set up correctly.

Are you in Etobicoke and in need of appliance repair services? Do not worry, ARNI Services is here to help!

When it comes to appliance repair and installation in Etobicoke, ARNI Services stands out as the top choice. With their team of skilled technicians and their expertise in handling various appliances, including washers, dryers, ovens, fridges, microwaves, and more, they provide reliable and efficient service. No matter the brand or model of your appliance, ARNI Services is committed to delivering exceptional repair and installation solutions. Trust ARNI Services for all your appliance needs in Etobicoke.

Looking For Appliance Repair Etobicoke?

We Service All Refrigerator Brands & Models In Etobicoke

Refrigerator Repair
Dishwasher Repair

We Service All Dishwasher Brands & Models In Etobicoke

We Service All Dryer Brands and Models In Etobicoke

Dryer Repair
Washer Repair

We Service All Washer Brands and Models In Etobicoke

We Service All Cooktop Brands and Models In Etobicoke

Cooktop Repair
Oven Repair

We Service All Oven & Range Brands & Models In Etobicoke

We Service All Microwaves Brands & Models In Etobicoke

Microwave Repair
Appliance Installation Services

We install dishwashers, washers, dryers, cooktops, ovens, ranges, microwaves and refrigerators In Etobicoke.

Call today to request A Service from our technicians FOr YOUR appliance repair Etobicoke.

Why Choose ARNI Services For Your Appliance Repair?

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Professional Diagnostic

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Excellent Service

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No Hidden Fees

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Service All Makes Models

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Warranty On Our Repairs

We provide 90 days warranty on parts and labour done by ARNI Services.

Call ARNI today to schedule your appointment for appliance repairs!

ARNI - Appliance Repair 'n' Installation Services In Etobicoke

Dishwasher is a simple kitchen appliance that is used in many households and many people wonder how they did without them. If your dishwasher is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In Etobicoke for service, so we can get your dishwasher back in working order again.

  • The dishwasher is making noise
  • Dishwasher will not start
  • Dishwasher having drain problems
  • Dishwasher is leaking
  • Dishwasher is not cleaning dishes properly

Our technicians repair & install all makes and models of dishwashers in Etobicoke.

Washing machine is the most essential appliance of our lives in modern life that gives us comfort while washing our clothes. Various types of washing machines come with different features. You will find the right washing machine according to your budget and requirements. There are two main types  of washing machines: front loading and top loading. If your washing machine is not operating normally or showing error codes or may be  your washer is broken, and you are not quite sure what’s wrong with it , contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In Etobicoke for service, so we can get your washer back in working order again.

  • The washer will not spin
  • Washer will not agitate
  • Washer is making loud noise
  • The washer is stuck on wash/rinse/spin
  • Washer vibrating or shaking

Washer Repair in Etobicoke:

When your washer starts malfunctioning, it can disrupt your daily routine. ARNI Services offers professional washer repair in Etobicoke to get your appliance up and running in no time. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and fixing various washer issues, such as leaks, drainage problems, faulty motors, and more. With our expertise, you can trust that your washer will be repaired efficiently.


Nothing makes you feel as good about yourself as a clean pair of clothes, contact us today to feel that way again, our technicians repair & install all makes and models of washers in Etobicoke.

Where would we have been without the refrigerators? If you have ever lost power for some period of time, you appreciate the essential role that the refrigerator plays in everyday life very easily and acutely. If your refrigerator or freezer  is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In Etobicoke for service, so we can get your fridge & freezer back in working order again.

  • The refrigerators ice maker is not working
  • The refrigerator or the freezer is not cooling properly
  • The refrigerator is not defrosting

Fridge Repair in Etobicoke:

A malfunctioning refrigerator can result in food spoilage and waste. ARNI Services understands the urgency of fridge repairs and offers prompt and efficient services in Etobicoke. Our technicians are well-versed in fixing common fridge problems, including temperature fluctuations, faulty compressors, leaks, and defrosting issues. With our expertise, your fridge will be up and running smoothly again.

Life would be so much harder without refrigerators , your life should not be.  Our technicians repair & install all makes and models of fridges & freezers in Etobicoke.

A range is an all-inclusive cooking appliance that combines a wall oven with a cooktop. It is usually larger in size, involves an oven below, and is designed to slide right into your counter tops, providing an integrated look that is seamless. If your range  is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In Etobicoke for service, so we can get your range back in working order again.

  • Range has no power
  • Range cannot reach set temperature
  • Range touch pad is not responsive
  • Range burners not working
Our technicians repair & install all makes and models of ranges in Etobicoke.

The kitchen was long dominated by cooktops, gas and electric heating elements. Usually, electric cooktops are easy to clean, while gas cooktops provides even heat across your cookware. Induction cooktops combine the best of both , they are easier to clean than electric and provide heat that is as consistent as gas. If your cooktop  is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In Etobicoke for service, so we can get your cooktop back in working order again.

  • Cooktop is cracked
  • Cannot regulate heat on the cooktop
  • The cooktop will not turn on
Our technicians repair & install all makes and models of cooktops in Etobicoke.

An oven makes your life easier, they can do cooking, baking, or roasting — you name it! The oven can do all that and much more for you and your family. Making cakes, brownies, or pies. If your oven is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In Etobicoke for service, so we can get your oven back in working order again.

  • Igniters of the oven are not working
  • The oven door will not seal
  • The oven will not heat

Oven Repair in Etobicoke:

A malfunctioning oven can disrupt your cooking routine and make meal preparation a challenge. ARNI Services offers reliable oven repair services in Etobicoke, covering both gas and electric ovens. From temperature inaccuracies to faulty heating elements or ignition problems, our technicians can diagnose and fix various oven issues, allowing you to get back to your culinary adventures.

Our technicians repair & install all makes and models of ovens in Etobicoke.

Although clothes dryers aren’t as glamorous as their relatives the washers and laundry can dry on its own, drying clothes in a dryer has many advantages. Dryers aren’t the simple devices they used to be, bulky and uncomfortable. Dryer models of today are more compact and more energy-efficient. Dryers designed to remove moisture from loads of clothing, bedding and other textiles  usually shortly after washing them in a washing machine. If your dryer is not operating normally or showing error codes contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In Etobicoke for service, so we can get your dryer back in working order again.

  • The drum of the dryer is not spinning
  • It takes too long to dry clothes
  • The dryer won’t turn on
  • Dryer has no heat
  • Dryer require service (Home fires  can be caused by clothes dryers, and the most common cause of these fires is a build-up of lint, Clean the dryer’s filter each time you do a load or two and have your dryer vent cleaned professionally once a year.)

Dryer Repair in Etobicoke:

If your dryer is not drying clothes as it should or making strange noises, it’s time to call in the experts. ARNI Services specializes in dryer repair in Etobicoke, addressing common problems like overheating, lack of heat, faulty thermostats, and damaged belts. Our technicians have the knowledge and tools required to diagnose and repair these issues promptly, ensuring your dryer functions optimally once again.

Our technicians repair & install  & service all makes and models of dryers in Etobicoke.

Etobicoke Appliance Repair FAQ: Common Questions and Answers

Our experienced technicians will assess your appliance and provide an honest recommendation based on factors such as the extent of the issue, age of the appliance, and cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement.

We repair a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, ovens gas and electric, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and more. Our technicians have expertise in handling various brands and models.

The duration of an appliance repair depends on the complexity of the issue. Our goal is to complete repairs as quickly as possible while ensuring quality workmanship.

Absolutely. Our appliance repair technicians in Etobicoke are not only certified and insured, but they also hold proper gas licenses. This means they have undergone specialized training and possess the necessary qualifications to safely handle gas-powered appliances, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of their expertise. You can trust our skilled technicians to handle your appliance repairs with the utmost professionalism and in compliance with safety standards.

Scheduling an appliance repair service in Etobicoke is simple and convenient. You can easily book an appointment by reaching out to our dedicated customer service team via phone or email. Our friendly representatives will assist you in scheduling a service appointment at a time that works best for you. We strive to offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule. Once your appointment is confirmed, our skilled technicians will arrive promptly at your location to diagnose and repair your appliance efficiently. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your appliance repair service in Etobicoke today.

We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, e-trans, and cash. Our technicians will provide you with detailed information regarding payment options during the service appointment.

When looking for the best appliance repair services in Etobicoke, here are some factors to consider:

Experience and Expertise: Choose a repair service with extensive experience in appliance repair. Look for technicians who are knowledgeable and skilled in repairing various types and brands of appliances. Consider companies that specialize in appliance repair and have a proven track record of successful repairs.

Certifications and Licensing: Ensure that the repair service is properly certified and licensed. Certifications from reputable organizations demonstrate that the technicians have received appropriate training and adhere to industry standards. Licensing ensures compliance with local regulations and gives you peace of mind that you are working with a legitimate and qualified service provider.

Professionalism and Reliability: Opt for a repair service that is known for its professionalism and reliability. They should have a reputation for arriving on time, communicating clearly, and providing honest assessments and estimates. Reading customer reviews and testimonials can give you insights into their reliability and customer service.

Warranty and Guarantees: Look for a repair service that offers warranties or guarantees on their work. A reputable company should stand behind their repairs and offer assurances that if the same issue reoccurs within a specific period, they will rectify it at no additional cost to you. A warranty provides assurance of quality service and can protect you from incurring additional expenses.

Prompt Response and Availability: Quick response times are crucial when dealing with malfunctioning appliances. Look for a repair service that offers prompt appointment scheduling and can accommodate urgent repair requests. 

Transparent Pricing: Choose a repair service that provides transparent pricing and estimates. They should be upfront about their charges, including service fees, labor costs, and the cost of replacement parts (if necessary). Avoid services that give vague or excessively high estimates without proper justification.

Insurance Coverage: Ensure that the repair service has liability insurance coverage. This protects both you and the technicians in case of any unforeseen damages or accidents that may occur during the repair process.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting the best appliance repair service in Etobicoke. 

Experienced Appliance Repair specialists In Etobicoke are available now

For your home or place of business, get professionals to fix your appliances.

Experience outstanding repair services for all makes and models of appliances. We provide quick, reliable solutions for all of your appliance repair needs thanks to our staff of qualified specialists.

For a stress-free experience, contact us today.

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If you have concerns about your appliance’s performance, contact the professionals at ARNI Services, Etobicoke Appliance Repair, for a thorough diagnosis and repair service. – you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.