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We Fix & Install Appliances In King City

Ever find yourself wondering whether it’s worth fixing your appliances or if it’s time for a replacement? Well, worry not! Regardless of how old your appliance is, we’re here to repair and breathe new life into it.

Our friendly and skilled technicians in King City are dedicated to providing the best Appliance Repair service, ensuring your appliances stay reliable and functional for years to come

Where Repairs Are Beyond Ordinary!

Trust our experts to fix your appliances in King City

For efficient and reliable appliances repair in King City, count on our expert team to promptly resolve any issues. Our dedicated technicians specialize in a variety of appliances, ensuring high-quality service. We fix all appliances, so choose us for solutions that will get your appliances back in working order promptly.

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Refrigerator Repair

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Cooktop Repair

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Reliable and Prompt Appliance Repair Services in King City: Your Solution for Quick Fixes

If you are in King City and experiencing problems with your appliances, look no further! Our team of professional technicians is here to provide the best appliance repair and installation services to make your life easier and stress-free. We specialize in fixing all types of appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, and washing machines, among others. We know how important appliances are to your daily routine, and that’s why we provide fast and reliable services to ensure that your appliances are back up and running smoothly in no time. Furthermore, we use only the best quality tools and equipment to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Whether you have a small or complex repair needs, we are here to help you out. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us help you with your appliance needs.

Rest assured, regardless of your appliance’s age, we can repair it. Trust us to fix it!

King City's Choice for Appliance Repair – We Fix Every Brand and Model!

Our company takes great pride in providing repair services for all of the major brands of home appliances. We understand how important your appliances are to you, which is why we have a team of highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians who are trained to service a wide range of appliances. Whether you need help with your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, or any other major appliance, our team is here to help. 

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Count on Us for Professional Appliance Repairs in King City

We understand that you might be nervous about hiring someone to fix your appliances. But you don’t have to worry anymore! Our team of skilled technicians in King City can handle any repair job quickly and efficiently. No matter what the problem is – whether your dishwasher is leaking or your washing machine won’t spin – we can take care of it. You can trust our technicians to do a great job and give you excellent customer service. You don’t have to try fixing your appliances on your own and risk making things worse. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you fix your appliances!

Why worry? Call our King City experts to fix your appliances!

Welcome to ARNI Appliance Repair & Installation Services, your go-to solution for all your appliance needs in King City. We specialize in on-site home appliance repair, covering a wide range of services including gas and electric appliance repair, appliance installation, washer repair, dryer repair, fridge repair, oven repair, and dishwasher repair.

Choosing ARNI means saving both time and money. Whether it’s a cooling problem with your fridge, a spin issue with your washer, or a leak in your dishwasher, our team is ready to resolve the issue promptly. Simply call us, and we’ll efficiently address all your appliance repair needs.

Experience the reliability and professionalism of ARNI Appliance Repair & Installation Services in King City.

Trust us to bring your appliances back to life. Contact us today for all your appliance repair requirements.

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Call us for a quote. We know our job well, so we know what we need to get the job done; no hidden fees.

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Reliable Appliance Repair Services in King City

We Service All Refrigerator Brands & Models In King City

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We Service All Dishwasher Brands & Models In King City

We Service All Dryer Brands and Models In King City

Dryer Repair
Washer Repair

We Service All Washer Brands and Models In King City

We Service All Cooktop Brands and Models In King City

Cooktop Repair
Oven Repair

We Service All Oven & Range Brands & Models In King City

We Service All Microwaves Brands & Models In King City

Microwave Repair
Appliance Installation Services

We install dishwashers, washers, dryers, cooktops, ovens, ranges, microwaves, and refrigerators in King City

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Our team is experienced, skilled, and motivated to give you the best service possible. We value your time, so we promise to take care of your needs quickly and professionally. We are committed to high-quality service, and we strive to make sure you are happy with our work. Please contact us soon so we can help you with your service needs in King City.

Why Choose ARNI Services For Your Appliance Repair?

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Warranty On Our Repairs

We provide 90 days warranty on parts and labour done by ARNI Services.

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Appliance Repair and Installation Services for King City Residents

Looking for trustworthy appliance repair in King City? ARNI Services has you covered. Our skilled team can fix all kinds of issues with your household appliances. We’re dedicated to providing great repairs and excellent service for every customer. Count on ARNI for reliable solutions that go above and beyond.

Dealing with fridge problems in King City? No need to worry! ARNI – Appliance Repair Company is here to assist you. Whether it’s a small or large fridge, side-by-side, built-in, top, or bottom freezer, our skilled technicians can handle any issue, from error codes to cooling problems.

When your fridge acts up, you need efficient and knowledgeable technicians to fix the problem. That’s where we step in. With our expertise, we can get your refrigerator or freezer back to working perfectly.

Facing issues with your fridge? Seeing error codes? Just reach out, and our dedicated team will provide prompt and reliable service.

We repair all makes and models of fridges and freezers in King City. Our experienced technicians specialize in identifying and resolving various errors and problems your fridge may encounter:

  • Refrigerator not cooling: Could be due to a faulty compressor, malfunctioning thermostat, or a blocked air vent.

  • Excessive frost buildup: Indicates a problem with the defrost system, such as a faulty defrost timer or defrost heater.

  • Water leakage: Can be caused by a clogged or frozen defrost drain, a malfunctioning water inlet valve, or a damaged water line.

  • Strange noises: Unusual sounds may signal a faulty motor, worn-out fan, or loose components.

  • Ice maker not working: Issues like failure to produce ice, small or misshapen ice cubes, or water not filling the ice tray may be caused by a defective water inlet valve, a malfunctioning ice maker module, or a clogged water line.

  • Freezer not freezing: Indicates a problem with the compressor, thermostat, or defrost system.

  • Door seal problems: A faulty door seal can lead to air leaks, causing the refrigerator to work harder and potentially leading to temperature inconsistencies.

  • Strange odors: Foul smells could result from spoiled food, a dirty condenser coil, or a clogged drain pan.

  • Electrical issues: If the refrigerator isn’t turning on or experiences frequent power disruptions, it may be due to faulty wiring, a malfunctioning control board, or a defective power cord.

  • Temperature fluctuations: Fluctuations may be due to a malfunctioning thermostat, improper airflow, or blocked vents.

We understand how frustrating and costly a malfunctioning fridge can be. Reach out to us as soon as you notice any issues, and our team will work tirelessly to get your fridge or freezer back in perfect working order. Contact us today for hassle-free use for years to come!

Having problems with your washer? Is your washing machine showing error codes? Some washers are front-load and other washing machines are top-load,  but both can break and when they do you need to find skilled technicians to fix the problem. Contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company In King City for service, so we can get your washer back in working order again.

We Service, Repair And Install All Makes And Models Of Washers In King City

  • Top-loading washer repair
  • Front loading washer repair
  • Stackable unit washer repair
  • Combo washer repair

Washer not spinning: This could be caused by a faulty lid switch, a broken drive belt, or a malfunctioning motor.

Water leakage: If you notice water leaking from the washer, it could be due to a worn-out door seal, a damaged water inlet valve, or a clogged drain pump.

Excessive noise or vibrations: Unusual noises such as banging, squeaking, or grinding sounds, as well as excessive vibrations, can be caused by unbalanced loads, worn-out drum bearings, or loose components.

Washer not draining: If the washer is not draining properly, it could indicate a clogged drain hose, a malfunctioning drain pump, or a faulty control board.

Drum not spinning or agitating: If the drum fails to spin or agitate during the wash cycle, it could be due to a broken drive belt, a defective motor coupler, or a faulty transmission.

Overfilling or underfilling: Issues with water levels can be caused by a malfunctioning water level sensor, a faulty pressure switch, or a clogged inlet valve screen.

Foul odors: Lingering odors in the washer can be a result of mold or mildew growth inside the drum, often caused by excess moisture and insufficient ventilation.

Error codes: Modern washers may display error codes indicating specific issues. These codes can help diagnose problems related to water supply, drainage, motor functions, or electronic components.

Control panel malfunctions: Problems with the control panel, such as unresponsive buttons or display errors, can occur due to a faulty control board, loose wiring, or electrical issues.

Excessive detergent residue: If you notice a buildup of detergent residue on clothes or inside the washer, it could be caused by using too much detergent, using the wrong type of detergent, or a clogged detergent dispenser.

Lack of power or failure to turn on: If your washer doesn’t have any power or refuses to turn on, it could be due to a tripped circuit breaker, a faulty power cord, or a malfunctioning control board.

Inability to start or complete a cycle: When your washer won’t start or fails to finish a cycle, it could indicate a problem with the control panel, a faulty timer, or issues with the door switch or latch.
Locked washer door: If the door of your washer is locked and cannot be opened, it could be a result of a malfunctioning door lock mechanism, a faulty control board, or an issue with the door switch.
It’s important to note that these are additional issues that you may come across while using your washer. If you experience any of these problems, it is recommended to seek assistance from a professional appliance repair service to diagnose and resolve the issue properly.
Get in touch with us today to benefit from the expertise of our professional and trained technicians who have extensive experience in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of washing machine errors and problems. We understand the complexities of washing machine issues and have the knowledge and skills to provide effective solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let our experienced technicians take care of your washing machine troubles.

Is your dryer no longer drying your clothes effectively? Are you encountering error codes on your dryer’s display? A functioning dryer is essential for the convenience of having dry and fresh clothes. When your dryer breaks down, it’s important to seek the expertise of professional dryer technicians who can promptly fix the issue.

Contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company in King City for reliable dryer repair services that will restore your dryer to its optimal functioning.

We specialize in servicing, repairing, and installing all makes and models of dryers in King City, ensuring that we can cater to your specific needs. Whether you have an electric dryer, a steam dryer, an all-in-one washer and dryer combo, or a large-capacity dryer, our professional and trained technicians have extensive experience in diagnosing and resolving various dryer errors and problems.

Don’t let a malfunctioning dryer disrupt your laundry routine. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our skilled technicians and get your dryer back in working order again.

Frequently encountered issues with dryers

No heat: If your dryer is running but not producing any heat, it could be due to a faulty heating element, thermostat, or thermal fuse.

Overheating: If your dryer is getting too hot or overheating, it may be caused by a clogged vent, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a defective heating element.

Not drying clothes properly: If your dryer is taking longer than usual to dry clothes or if the clothes come out damp, it could indicate a clogged vent, a malfunctioning thermostat, or an issue with the moisture sensor.

Excessive noise: Unusual noises such as squeaking, grinding, or banging sounds could be a sign of worn-out drum support rollers, idler pulleys, or belts that need replacement.

Drum not spinning: If the drum of your dryer is not spinning, it could be due to a broken drive belt, a faulty motor, or a problem with the idler pulley.

Door latch problems: If the door of your dryer is not closing properly or the latch is malfunctioning, it can prevent the dryer from starting or interrupt the drying cycle.

Error codes: Modern dryers often display error codes to indicate specific issues. Common error codes include airflow blockage, thermostat failure, or sensor malfunctions.

It is advised that you get expert assistance from a reliable appliance repair business like ARNI Services in King City if your dryer is having any of these issues. Our skilled technicians can identify and resolve a variety of dryer issues whether it is gas or electric, ensuring that your dryer runs properly and efficiently.

If your dishwasher in King City is displaying error codes or failing to clean your dishes properly, don’t worry! Today’s dishwashers are designed to work quietly and efficiently, conserving energy and water. However, like any appliance, they can encounter issues and require the expertise of experienced technicians to resolve them.

Contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company in King City for reliable dishwasher repair services. Our team specializes in diagnosing and fixing a wide range of dishwasher errors and problems. We understand the complexities of modern dishwashers and have the knowledge and skills to get your dishwasher back to its optimal working condition.

We provide service, repair, and installation for all makes and models of dishwashers in King City. Whether you have a 3rd rack dishwasher, a quiet dishwasher, a freestanding dishwasher, or a built-in dishwasher, our professional and trained technicians are well-versed in handling various dishwasher issues.

Don’t let a malfunctioning dishwasher disrupt your daily routine. Trust ARNI for prompt and efficient dishwasher repair services. Our technicians will quickly assess the problem, provide an accurate diagnosis, and implement the necessary repairs to get your dishwasher running smoothly again.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our professional team. We are committed to delivering excellent customer service and ensuring your satisfaction. Let us handle your dishwasher troubles so you can enjoy clean and sparkling dishes without any hassle.
Poor cleaning performance: If your dishwasher is not effectively cleaning your dishes, it could be due to issues with spray arms, clogged filters, or a malfunctioning wash motor.

Water leakage: Leaks can occur from various parts of the dishwasher, such as the door seal, pump, or hoses. This can lead to water damage and inefficient operation.

Noisy operation: Excessive noise during the dishwasher cycle can be caused by a worn-out pump motor, loose components, or faulty bearings.

Dishwasher not draining: If water is not draining properly from the dishwasher after a cycle, it could be due to a clogged drain hose, a faulty drain pump, or a malfunctioning drain solenoid.

Error codes: Dishwashers may display error codes indicating specific problems, such as a malfunctioning sensor, temperature sensor, or water pressure issue.

Detergent not dispensing: If the dishwasher is not dispensing detergent properly, it could be due to a faulty dispenser mechanism or a clogged detergent dispenser.

Foul odor: Lingering unpleasant odors in the dishwasher can be caused by food particles trapped in the filter, a dirty interior, or a clogged drain.

Control panel issues: Problems with the dishwasher’s control panel, such as unresponsive buttons or error messages, may require repairs or replacement.

If you encounter any of these common dishwasher problems in King City, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional appliance repair company. Our skilled technicians are experienced in diagnosing and resolving a wide range of dishwasher issues to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

Is your cooktop or range not functioning as expected? Are you encountering error codes on your cooking appliance? When your range or cooktop is not operating efficiently, it’s essential to seek assistance from professional technicians. Contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company in King City for reliable service that will restore your cooktop to its optimal functionality.

We specialize in servicing and repairing all makes and models of ranges and cooktops in King City. Whether you have an induction cooktop or a free-standing range, our skilled and experienced technicians can address a wide range of errors and problems.

Whether you have a gas or electric cooktop or range, various issues can arise that affect their performance. If you’re experiencing problems with your cooking appliance, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance. At ARNI – Appliance Repair Company in King City, we specialize in servicing both gas and electric cooktops and ranges, ensuring that we can address a wide range of common issues.

Here are some common problems that can occur with gas and electric cooktops and ranges:

Gas Cooktop/Range:

Ignition Issues: Difficulty in lighting the burners or a weak flame can indicate problems with the ignition system.
Uneven Flame: If the flames on your gas burners are uneven, it may suggest issues with the gas supply or burner components.
Gas Leaks: The presence of a gas smell or hissing noise can indicate a gas leak, which requires immediate attention from a professional technician.
Ignition Continues to Spark: If the ignition continues to spark even after the burner is lit, it could be a sign of a faulty ignition switch or spark module.

Electric Cooktop/Range:

Burner Not Heating: If one or more burners on your electric cooktop or range fail to heat up, it could be due to a faulty burner element, switch, or wiring.
Temperature Control Problems: Inaccurate temperature settings or difficulty adjusting the heat levels can indicate issues with the control knobs or electronic controls.
Faulty Heating Elements: If the heating elements become discolored, crack, or fail to heat evenly, they may need to be replaced.
Control Panel Issues: Malfunctions with the control panel, such as unresponsive buttons or error codes, may require professional diagnosis and repair.

Regardless of the specific problem you’re facing with your cooktop or range, our professional and trained technicians have the expertise to diagnose and resolve the issue promptly. Contact ARNI – Appliance Repair Company in King City today to schedule a service appointment and restore the functionality of your cooktop or range.

If your oven is giving you trouble or displaying error codes, it can disrupt your cooking routine. Ovens, stoves, and microwaves play a vital role in the kitchen, and when they malfunction, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of experienced appliance repair professionals. At ARNI – Appliance Repair Company in King City, we specialize in servicing and repairing all makes and models of stoves and ovens, ensuring that we can tackle a wide range of issues.

Here are some common problems that can occur with ovens and stoves:

Oven Not Heating: If your oven fails to reach the desired temperature or doesn’t heat up at all, it could indicate issues with the heating elements, thermostats, or electronic controls.
Uneven Cooking: Inconsistent baking or roasting results, where certain areas of the food are overcooked or undercooked, may suggest problems with the oven’s temperature regulation or distribution.
Faulty Ignition: Gas ovens may experience issues with the ignition system, resulting in difficulty lighting the burners or a weak flame.
Oven Door Problems: If the oven door doesn’t close properly, the hinges are loose, or the door doesn’t seal tightly, it can impact the oven’s performance and energy efficiency.
Error Codes: Displayed error codes on the oven’s control panel often indicate specific issues that require professional diagnosis and repair.

No matter what problem you’re having with your gas or electric oven or stove, our qualified and experienced specialists are equipped to quickly identify and fix the issue. To arrange a service appointment and have the functioning of your cooking appliances restored, call ARNI – Appliance Repair Company in King City right now.

(FAQ) - Your Appliance Repair Queries Answered

At ARNI Appliance Repair, we specialize in repairing a wide range of appliances in King City. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in repairing the following appliances:
Gas & Electric Dryers
Fridges & Freezers
Gas and Electric Ovens / Ranges
Cooktops Gas and Electric
Over-the-counter microwaves
No matter the make or model, our skilled technicians have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and fix issues with these appliances. Whether you’re dealing with a dishwasher that won’t start, a dryer that isn’t heating, a fridge that isn’t cooling, or any other appliance problem, you can trust us to provide effective repairs.

Scheduling an appointment for appliance repair in King City is simple and convenient. To book a repair service, all you need to do is contact us through phone, email, or any other available contact method. Our friendly customer service team will assist you in finding a suitable time for a technician to visit your location.
We try our best to work around your schedule because we know how essential it is to you. We will work with you to find the most convenient time.

Once the appointment is made, our knowledgeable specialist will show up on time at your door with all the equipment and knowledge required to quickly diagnose and fix your appliance. You can trust that we respect your time and work hard to deliver excellent service.

Contact us right away to arrange an appointment for King City appliance repair. We’re here to make sure you’re satisfied and to get your appliances working again.

The duration of an appliance repair can vary depending on several factors, including the type of appliance, the complexity of the issue, and the availability of replacement parts. While some repairs can be completed within a single visit, others may require additional time or ordering specific parts.
Our skilled specialists put great effort to accurately identify the issue and address it. They work hard to finish the repairs as quickly as possible while making sure the work is done correctly and efficiently.

We aim to reduce your downtime because we recognize the inconvenience brought on by a broken item. Rest assured that we prioritize prompt and efficient service without compromising the quality of the repair work. Our technicians are trained to work swiftly and skillfully, ensuring that your appliance is up and running again as soon as possible.

Our staff would be pleased to provide updates and keep you informed at every stage if you have any questions about the expected repair time for your appliance. Our top concerns are ensuring that you are satisfied and that your appliance is working properly.

Absolutely, the technicians at ARNI Appliance Repair in King City are not only fully licensed and insured but also possess the necessary gas licenses required by Ontario. We prioritize safety and adhere to all regulations and guidelines when it comes to repairing and installing gas appliances. Handling gas appliances requires specialized knowledge and expertise due to the potential risks involved. Our technicians have undergone extensive training and obtained the proper gas licenses to ensure that they can safely and effectively repair and install gas-powered appliances such as gas ovens, cooktops, and more. When you choose ARNI Appliance Repair, you can trust that you are working with licensed professionals who prioritize safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. We take pride in our commitment to providing reliable and trustworthy appliance repair services in King City.

Cost is a significant factor when it comes to appliance repairs, and at ARNI Appliance Repair in King City, we are aware of this. To make sure that our customers receive fair and reasonable service, we offer competitive and transparent pricing.
The type of appliance, the difficulty of the problem, and the required replacement parts are just a few of the variables that might affect the cost of appliance repair. Before beginning any work, our knowledgeable specialists will carefully evaluate the issue and give you a clear breakdown of the repair costs. We support upfront pricing because it gives you the information you need to make a wise choice without any unpleasant surprises.

We also work hard to provide our clients with affordable options. In some cases, fixing an appliance rather than completely replacing it could be more cost-effective. Our professionals have experience figuring out the best, most affordable ways to keep your appliances running longer.

When you choose ARNI Appliance Repair, you can expect fair and transparent pricing, cost-effective solutions, and a commitment to your satisfaction.

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Experience outstanding repair services for all makes and models of appliances. We provide quick, reliable solutions for all of your appliance repair needs thanks to our staff of qualified specialists.

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If you have concerns about your appliance’s performance, contact the professionals at ARNI Services, King City Appliance Repair, for a thorough diagnosis and repair service. – you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.