What to Do If Your Dryer Won't Start After a Power Outage

After a blackout, everything in your house turns back on, but your dryer just sits there, not working. It’s annoying, right? You’ve got loads of laundry and no way to dry them. But don’t stress yet. There are some easy things you can try to fix it yourself. This guide will show you simple steps to help get your dryer spinning again. Let’s get those clothes drying!

Easy Steps to Fix Your Dryer After a Power Outage

When to Call a Professional

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Easy Steps to Fix Your Dryer After a Power Outage

  1. Check Other Stuff: First, make sure other things work. If your lights turn on, the power’s back.

  2. Look at the Plug: Sometimes, the plug can get loose. Push it in tight.

  3. Peek at the Breaker Box: The power outage might have tripped a breaker. Flip the dryer’s switch off and on.

  4. Try a Reset: Unplug your dryer. Wait a minute. Plug it back in. This can wake it up.

  5. Press the Start Button: Sometimes, you just need to press the start button again.

  6. Check the Door: Make sure it’s shut all the way. Dryers won’t start if the door is even a little open.

  7. Look for a Fuse: Some dryers have a fuse that might blow during an outage. It’s a small thing, but it stops the dryer from starting. You might need help to check this.

If you’ve tried all these steps and your dryer still won’t start, it might be hurt by the outage. Now’s the time to call for help. A professional can find the problem and fix it.

Know When to Call a Pro

Your dryer won’t start after a power outage, and you’ve tried everything? Sometimes, you need to call in a pro. Here’s when:

  • If nothing works. You checked the plug and the breaker. You waited and tried again. Still nothing.
  • It sounds wrong. If you hear buzzing or nothing at all when you push start, it’s not a good sign.
  • It smells burnt. Smelling something burnt is bad. Turn it off right away.
  • It’s really old. Old dryers can be tricky. A pro can tell if it’s worth fixing.

Calling a pro might seem like giving up, but it’s smart. We know what to do, and we’ll keep you safe. Plus, we can fix your dryer fast, so you’re not stuck hanging clothes all over your house

Remember, it’s perfectly fine if you can’t fix appliances on your own. Dryers, like many household machines, can be complex. Seeking professional help is the most reliable way to ensure your appliances are fixed correctly and your clothes get dry once more.

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