How to Unlock Your Oven: A Simple Guide for Common Brands

Can’t open your oven because of the child lock? Don’t fret! This guide will help you unlock your oven in no time, even if you don’t remember the brand.

Unlocking Common Bands

When to Call a Professional


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Unlocking Common Oven Brands

Most ovens unlock with just a button press. Look for a button with a picture of a lock or the word “Lock” on it. If you find one, just hold your finger on that button for a few seconds, usually around 3 to 5 seconds. If a lock picture disappears from the screen, then you’re all set!

 Here’s how to do it for some popular brands:

Bosch: Look for a button with a lock symbol or the word “Lock” near the oven display. Hold it down for a few seconds (around 4) until the lock icon disappears.

Samsung: Find a button with a “Lock” symbol or the word “Lock.” Press and hold it for a few seconds (usually 3-5) to unlock.

LG: Locate the “Child Lock” button. Hold it down for a few seconds (around 3) to turn it off.

GE: Look for a “Lock” button or a symbol with a key. Press and hold it for a few seconds to disable the child lock.

Whirlpool: These ovens might use a combination button press. Check your user manual for the specific buttons to press together for your model.

Can’t find a lock button? Your oven might be different. Try looking for a button that says “Child Lock” instead. Hold that button down for a few seconds too and see if it unlocks the oven.


Check your user manual: It will have the exact steps for your oven model.

Look for a lock symbol: Many ovens show a lock symbol when the child lock is on.

Try a button combo: If no single button works, try holding two buttons together as per your manual.

Reset as a last resort: Consult your manual for oven reset instructions. This will unlock the door but might erase settings and timers.

Safety Note:

Never force the oven door open! If it’s locked due to a technical issue, call a qualified repair person.

When to Call a Professional Technician

  • No response: If you’ve tried all the unlocking methods mentioned, including those in your user manual, and the oven remains locked, a technician can diagnose the issue and unlock it safely.
  • Suspected technical problem: If you suspect the lock is malfunctioning due to a technical issue beyond the child lock function, calling a technician is best. They can identify the problem and ensure your oven is functioning correctly.
  • The door feels loose or damaged: Never force the oven door open. If the door feels loose or damaged while attempting to unlock it, a technician can assess the situation and prevent further damage.
  • Electrical concerns: If you notice any sparking or electrical issues while trying to unlock the oven, turn it off immediately and call a qualified technician to avoid any safety hazards.

Remember, a professional technician can not only unlock your oven but also ensure it’s working safely and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to call our pros for oven repair if you’re unsure about the cause of the lock or feel uncomfortable handling the situation yourself. We will fix your appliances.

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