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Unloading your washing machine only to discover stale-smelling laundry is frustrating.
Even though you might want to blame a pair of filthy socks, the stench could actually be coming from the washer.
The best solution for a moldy-smelling washer is to clean it correctly and frequently. It seems quite illogical, don’t you think? After all, cleaning is what washing machines are meant to do. However, the fact is that even your reliable home appliance has to be cleaned.
Front-loading washing machines may quickly develop molds and become stinky due to the moisture and residue left behind by detergents and fabric softeners, which you obviously want to avoid at all costs. The washer’s seal and drum can accumulate a musty smell and unattractive black mold. Additionally, mold and mildew may be very harmful to your health, particularly if they end up on your regular clothing or bed linens. This toxic mold can worsen or cause a variety of illnesses, including:
  • Chronic upper respiratory disease
  • Insomnia
  • Emotional disorders
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Hyperactivity in children

If your washer smells like mold, regular washer maintenance will solve the problem.

How to avoid any mold build-up in your washing machine.

Open the door of your washing machine to get rid of the moisture which is one of molds and mildew’s preferred feeding sources. Remove the moisture from your washer by leaving the door open between washes. As a result, the gasket around the washer’s seal won’t become moldy and your washer will be able to dry out. The less moisture, the less mold there will be! Choose Your Detergent Carefully The quantity of soap residue left behind can be reduced by using a detergent with less sudsing strength. For less suds, it is recommended using powdered detergents over liquid ones. Make sure you use the right detergent for your type of machine. An HE detergent must be used with an HE Use Less Detergent Detergent usage in general should be reduced. You will do better if you stick to the appropriate dosage for each load size. Keep your dispensers clean To make sure there is no remaining soapy residue, you may also wipe out the dispensers where you put your detergent.  

Clean the gasket

The big rubber seal that prevents water from spilling out of your front loader is called a gasket. Make sure to regularly give that lid a thorough cleaning because it’s a great spot for molds to grow. Moldy gasket is usually the main cause for the odors and the dirty stains left after the washing.

At first your should try to clean your gasket:

 – Pull the gasket back.

 – Spray generously with  bathroom or any other cleaner.

 – After letting stand for a few minutes, clean the sprayed area beneath the gasket by dipping a microfiber cloth or scrub brush in hot    water.

 – Apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the region and gasket.

 – Use a microfiber cloth to finish cleaning.


 if this fails the only way is to replace the gasket, in this case you can contact our technicians they are all skilled in this job and have replaced many gasket for all kind of washer brands.


after the gasket is clean or replaced make sure to clean the gasket and the washer after each wash.

moldy smelly gasket

Preventing blockages in the washing machine

Washing has become one of the simplest household chores, thanks to modern technology. However, when using an automatic machine, users regularly encounter some difficulties.

Common washer complaints are as follows:

  • Program crash.
  • Slow removal of dirty water.
  • Lack of machine reaction to pressing buttons.
  • Turning off the cycle when going to the rinsing stage.
  • Turning off without spinning the machine.

All these problems can be linked to the formation of blockages, which means that water can not enter the sewer system freely.

It is enough to follow  simple rules in order for the washing machine to work smoothly:


Check the pockets of the clothes you are going to wash, remove all small items; use special mesh bags to prevent the entry of foreign items into the drain system; fasten zippers, buttons, buttons.

Do not wait until your irreplaceable helper herself needs emergency help – periodically clean the filter and drain hose.
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Although people have been washing their clothes for about two hundred years it is only at 1691, the first English patent in the category of washing machines was approved.
As early as 1904, newspapers advertised and debated mechanical washing machines.  The invention of the electric washer has been mistakenly attributed to Alva J. Fisher. But US Patent Office shows at least one patent issued before Fisher’s US patent number . The “inventor” of the electric washing machine remains unknown.

There is no getting around the fact that sometimes washing machines brake and when they do you need a washing machine repair company that is honest and you can trust. You found them, at ARNI Services we have washer repair technicians and specialists that will fix your washer machine.

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If your are concerned with your appliances performance, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at ARNI Services,  Appliance Repair for a full diagnose and repair service.

If your are concerned with your appliances performance, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at ARNI Services –  Appliance Repair for a full diagnose and repair service – you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.