Things you should not put in the dryer

March 23th, 2022

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While clothes dryers are absolutely lifesavers, some items simply don’t work with this heavy-duty machine. Listen to us if you want to prevent shrinking, wrinkling, or simply damaging some of your favorite wardrobe pieces. There are some items where the dryer’s heat can do more harm than good. Some items can damaged by heat and tumbling and is best air-dried. Which items should be avoided while using this laundry room essential.

Machine drying clothes that aren’t supposed to be machine dried might ruin your items. It may also cause stains, damages, or even malfunctions in your dryer. To maintain your clothing as well as this reliable appliance, skip the dryer and air dry the following items.

Rubber-backed rugs and mats

Bath mats can hold germs and stink, therefore they should be disinfected and cleaned often in hot water. And even if they are small enough to fit inside the dryer, they should never, ever, ever be put in a high-heat dryer. The rubber backing is prone to crumbling and melting.  Furthermore, overheating it might result in a dryer fire.

Faux and Natural Fur

Fur pieces, both faux and natural, should never be put in the dryer. Natural fur’s lining, like suede’s, can split when heated, causing the fur to fall out. Meanwhile, faux fur drying might result in tangling and even melting. Simply hang the fur to dry out of direct sunshine and heat. Allow the garment to air-dry and use a wide-tooth comb to slowly separate the fibers.

Wool Clothes

Some wool items may be cleaned in the machine or by hand at home. Nothing made of wool, on the other hand, should be dried. Wool is a natural fiber derived from sheep or goats, with scales on the outer layer that interlock and shrink when exposed to excessive moisture and heat. While wool mixes may dry nicely in a standard dryer, always check the care label first and air dry pure wool clothes.


While spandex can withstand the heat on the beach, the extreme temperature in the dryer can make it brittle and damaged.  To eliminate body dirt, sunscreen oils, sand, salt, or chlorine, swimwear should be cleaned after each use. Allow it to air dry after washing. The heat from the dryer will distort the fabrics, ruining the summer look.

Oily Stained Fabrics

Even if you aren’t washing a large load of oily work rags, a load of laundry that includes greasy kitchen towels or items that have been splattered with gasoline might present a problem if dried. Oily materials may easily migrate to dryer surfaces because to the high heat, which can cause leftover oils in the cloth to burn and start a fire. Always let your clothes air dry, ideally outside but not in direct sunshine.

Running Shoes

Running shoes, whether for high-performance exercises or casual comfort, should never be put in the dryer. Heat may shrink rubber, damage cushioning, and degrade adhesives, rendering even the most durable footwear unusable. These items can also harm the dryer drum, leaving stains and smells behind. Allow them to air-dry for at least 24 hours before wearing again. Adding crumpled newspaper to the insides can absorb moisture, speeding up the process.

Pocket Items

Check your pockets for typical items like crayons, gum, lip balm, jewellery, and even mobile phones before putting anything in the dryer. Turning every pocket inside out before putting clothes in the washing is the easiest way to avoid accidents. Check again before placing wet clothing in the dryer if you hear or see signs that pockets were not emptied before the wash cycle.

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