Samsung Dishwasher 1E/IE Error: How to Easily Resolve the Clogged Filter Issue

You’re seeing the error code 1E or IE on your Samsung dishwasher because the filter is clogged. This is a common issue with dishwashers, not just Samsung models. A clogged filter restricts water flow, preventing the dishwasher from cleaning effectively.

Steps to fix 1E iE Error

When to Call a Professional

Samsung dishwasher

Steps to fix 1E IE Error

Here are some steps you can take to try and fix this error:

  • Safety First: Let the dishwasher cool down completely before attempting any cleaning. Hot water can cause burns.
  • Locate the Filter: The filter is typically placed in the center of the bottom rack. Refer to your user manual for the exact location if needed.
  • Remove the Filter Compartment: Look for a handle or latch on the filter compartment door. Turn it counter-clockwise to unlock and remove it.
  • Take Out the Micro Filter: This is a flat, mesh filter underneath the compartment door.
  • Clean the Filter and Compartment: Rinse the micro filter and filter compartment thoroughly with running water to remove any food debris or particles. Be cautious of sharp objects like glass shards or bones that might be trapped. 
  • Optional: Inspect the Sump: The sump is the lowest part of the filter compartment where debris accumulates. Check for any large objects stuck there and remove them carefully.
  • Reassemble the Filter: Place the micro filter back in its position, followed by the filter compartment door. Securely lock the door by rotating the handle clockwise.
  • Restart the Dishwasher: Close the dishwasher door and try running a normal cycle. The error code should disappear if the clogged filter was the problem.


For more info on how to Clean the dishwasher filter.

Additional Tips:

  • Clean the filter at least once a month, especially if you frequently wash greasy dishes.
  • Refer to your user manual for specific cleaning instructions for your Samsung dishwasher model.
    If the error code persists after cleaning the filter, there might be a deeper issue.
  • Consider contacting Samsung support or a qualified appliance repair person for further assistance.

When You Should Call a Pro for the 1E IE Error

You can attempt to fix the 1E/IE error code yourself in most cases, as it typically indicates a clogged filter. However, there are situations where calling a professional appliance repair technician is recommended:

 – The Error Persists After Cleaning: If you’ve meticulously cleaned the filter, compartment, and sump, and the 1E/IE error code reappears when you run the dishwasher, there might be a more significant issue. This could involve:

  • Faulty filter: In rare instances, the filter itself might be damaged and require replacement.
  • Drain pump problems: A malfunctioning drain pump can hinder proper water flow and lead to a clogged filter error.
  • Other internal blockages: Food scraps or debris might be lodged deeper within the dishwasher’s drainage system, requiring professional tools and expertise to remove.

 – You’re Uncomfortable Disassembling Parts: The filter cleaning process is generally straightforward, but if you’re unsure about any steps or feel uncomfortable disassembling parts of your dishwasher, it’s best to call a professional to avoid causing further damage.

 – Additional Warning Signs: If you notice leaking around the dishwasher, unusual noises during operation, or any other concerning signs alongside the 1E/IE error, it’s advisable to call a technician for a comprehensive diagnosis and repair.

By considering these points, you can determine if the 1E/IE error is a simple clog you can address yourself or if it’s best to call a professional for a more thorough inspection and repair.

Calling a pro might cost a bit, but we can usually get your dishwasher running smoothly again without the guesswork.  Contact today if your dishwasher not working.

If your dishwasher is displaying any other error codes, you can find a list of them here: Samsung dishwasher error codes.

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