Should you replace or repair your appliances?

Deciding if it’s time to replace or repair appliances can be difficult. The life span of household appliances varies based on their usage and maintenance. One of the most common questions we hear from our customers even before the technician starts identifying the problem, is whether it’s better to fix the defective appliance or replace it with a brand new one. There is no one answer, it depends on many factors and differs between the appliances and the customers needs..

But first thing that has to be done to answer that question is diagnose , skilled and trained technician first have to identify the issue before suggesting any solution. Diagnose is the key to a successful appliance repair whether  it ended with a new appliances or not.

So, should you repair your appliance or is it better to buy a new one? Some times it is definitely better to buy a new appliance considering your old appliance is unfixable or maybe some parts inside the appliance are discontinued. Nevertheless, you should not rush to any conclusion. Some appliances can last for long time and provide excellent services for many more years to come if repaired by the right technicians with correct diagnoses and parts.

One of the things you need to consider in your decision is appliance general condition cosmetically and functionally. The cost and availability of replacement parts is an important consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace appliances. When the fridge, dishwasher or washer is too old most likely it will be hard to find cosmetic parts such as doors, handles, shelves, door seals. Some functional parts might be hard to purchase as well such as main control boards, display boards, and touch-pads, those parts are crucial to appliance functioning as needed.

The decision to keep or replace your dryer, stove or dishwasher can relay on different factors , some people get emotional to a particular appliance since it was gifted by someone close to them or have a sentimental value to it. Sometimes the appliance was custom made for customers kitchen or laundry dimensions. In all cases we will try to  fulfill our customer wish, we will do our best to fix even the toughest appliance cases to leave our customer happy  with a functioning appliance

In conclusion when you decide to replace you should consider the age of the appliance, parts availability, the cost of the repair and the price of new appliances including shipping and installation.

Do not give up on your appliances, they might be able to service you longer than you thought. But if the appliance has broken down many times, creating several repair bills over the last few years, it may be time to say goodbye and consider a replacement.

If it is time to let your old appliances go there have been huge improvements in functionality that can make your life easier. Your old appliance has a lower energy-efficiency rating than new models, newer refrigerators use about half as much energy as older models.

Many modern washers, dryers and refrigerators can hold a lot more than they used to and you can now control many appliances from a smartphone.

If your appliance  is less than a year old, it is probably still has a warranty covering parts and labor, so getting it repaired could cost you nothing, you need to contact the store you purchased is from or directly to the manufacturer.

Appliance Repair and Installation Services

If your are concerned with your appliances performance, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at ARNI Services,  Appliance Repair for a full diagnose and repair service.

If your are concerned with your appliances performance, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at ARNI Services –  Appliance Repair for a full diagnose and repair service – you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.